So, I’ve started the process now and the live event is happening. It is – quite frankly- terrifying! Will it all come together? Will anyone come?

I hope so….

The poster and flyers are designed, the concept is there, I just need an audience.

I’ve listed the event, set the ticket price and created a Facebook event page. It’s weird to think I started this all so long ago, armed with a bunch of old photos and press reviews I had hoarded, certain that I should never throw them away because one day, one fine day they would all come into use. And that they have. Not in the way I imagined of course, which was something along the lines of being asked to appear on Terry Wogan to talk about my illustrious career. No, instead, I’m using them to tell you how I nearly made it. How I almost rose to fame, but instead, enjoyed a meteroic rise to anonymity.

Those bits of paper have formed the basis of a book all about failing and succeeding and everything in between.They are my evidence. My proof of life.

I can’t wait to tell you all about it…

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