Not long to go now until the very first ‘Time I Almost’ live night- are you excited? I TOTALLY am and I hope you’ve already bought your tickets because:

a) I would hate for us to sell out in advance and you turn up and I can’t even smuggle you in under my jumper and

b) The tickets are cheaper if you buy them in advance- £8 as opposed to £10 on the door. Bargain! With all profits going to Women’s Aid.

The night is going to be a real ‘smorgasbord of Schadenfreude’ as you and I tell our most poignant ‘times we almost’.

Wanna tell your 3 minute story on the night? Simply email thetimeialmost@gmail.com with your idea. You can either read it yourself or someone else will on the night and the audience favourite will win the Almost Oscar, which is like frikkin terrific, ok?!

Here is a picture of it in fact:

Oh and we have a Special Guest coming to talk to you about Failure, Fame and Beyond- its renowned psychologist Deepak Anand. He used to be a bit famous once himself, but I will let him tell you all about it himself.

Simply click on the link here to book your tickets – go on- and I guarantee you will have a really fun, uplifting night!


Love, Alexis x




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