Well my darlings, it’s been a while but well, what can I say? A lot has happened- personally, career-ily, the lot! Firstly though, let’s just address the fact that it is now 2019- 2019!!! How the feck have we made it here so fast? Time is literally hurtling by like a sugar-fuelled toddler on a scooter and it frightens the bejesus out of me (mind you, we’re all still arguing about Brexit and which Kardashian we’d most like to go Instagram official with, so plus ca change really).

That said, I am a bit sad that 2019 isn’t quite as futuristic as I’d imagined it to be as a young Strum. I hate to say it, but ‘Back To The Future’ was way off the mark, wasn’t it? I mean, I’d imagined we’d all have our own robot slaves by now, but alas, it appears not to be the case and I still have to do my own washing and ironing…

However, I have news. Yes, actual news! Yup, after a long long time of banging on doors and supplicating the Universe (like Noel Edmunds before me), I have finally managed to bag myself my very first literary agent! Her name is Leah Middleton at Marjacq and she is just awesome. This really is a huge step for me and my ‘The Time I Almost…’ book, especially as the book is, rather fittingly, all about my many rejections in this business and beyond. I can tell you now, it really feels quite wonderful to hear the word ‘yes’ for a change! Naturally I am dead excited for the future now, (robot servants or not) and crossing all my fingers, toes and pink bits that I will get to bring this story to a wider audience and do some good with my message about celebrating failure and all of life’s wobbly bits. Let’s have it!

In other news, I am also in the process of editing a teaser tape of ‘The Time I Almost…’ with Derren Brown’s very own Producer, Mr Paul Cornwell of Ginger Werewolf Productions for your televisual enjoyment and there will be more ‘The Time I Almost…’ live nights coming up v soon, so you can come and join me in celebrating all of life’s nearly moments.

In fact, the first one is mere weeks away and is coming up on March 7th from 7-9pm at The Star Of Kings. It is a special one as it is in association with City Lit and their creative writing department as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations.

As per last time, all profits will be going to Women’s Aid which is also very timely as they have personally given me and many other women in my situation their ongoing help and support. Please DM me at if you have a story you would like to come up and share with the audience on the night. You don’t need to be a performer and it doesn’t have to be funny- sad is also totes acceptable! The theme is ‘Sliding Doors’, so take a chance and grab your 5 minutes of quality stage time while you can! we’d all love to share in your moment. Here is a fancy looking flyer for you with all the relevant letters and numbers:

I look forward to seeing you there!

Love, Alexis x

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